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Chondra Profit Ardrey

Chondra Profit Ardrey is a big-hearted, bold, and brave entrepreneur. She is a Broadway veteran, a producer, wife, and mom; whose passions and skills run the gamut. As a toddler, while watching her mother direct stage plays, Chondra fell in love with the arts. That love increased and was further nurtured as she attended The San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (SDSCPA). Chondra went on to receive her BFA from The American Music of Dramatic Academy of the Arts (AMDA). With no end in sight, Chondra has been performing on Broadway for over a decade best known for her role

“Queen Sarabi” Disney’s The Lion King' 


She is the founder and co-producer of Lights Out On Broadway and has served as the director of operations for many teen programs all over the world, Chondra is the CEO of Cali Girl Enterprises, an unapologetically Black-owned umbrella business. Where we house three businesses, that share a common goal of amplifying Black narratives. promotes positive Black messages in the Black community. We celebrate Black excellence and Black culture “We are unapologetically black and proud,” says Chondra. “Our goal is to celebrate, motivate and educate, our people. To empower Black people.”Chondra says, "I want to inspire women to be the best version of themselves by putting themselves first while still being able to DO IT ALL."

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