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La Shell Wooten

La Shell Wooten is Owner and CEO of a premier social-emotional wellness company that carries her name. Powerful life coach, licensed social worker, author and motivating intuitive speaker are just some of her passion-driven accomplishments. 


She is described as the “Emotional Fitness Trainer” because she guides people to releasing harmful habits and clearing up internal criticisms for them to repair spirits, emotions and relationships. Her podcast, Abandon Ordinary teaches audiences how to abandon their ordinary choices to live an extraordinary life. Her programs; The Coaching Council, Manifest Me, Nothing Is In Your Way and more, teaches her thousands of participants to figure out what they want and then make space for it with ease and joy. 


La Shell's engaging personality and appetizing delivery of soul-stirring perspectives on life makes this wellness veteran and expert life coach an undeniable choice for those seeking to create a life that feels as good as they imagine in their wildest dreams. As her many repeat clients have shared, “Catch her anywhere you can and as often as you can.”

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