La Shell Wooten

La Shell Wooten is Owner and CEO of a premier social-emotional wellness company that carries her name. Wooten is a licensed mental health therapist, powerful healthy relationships coach, best-selling children’s book author, certified feng shui consultant, and life changing, intuitive speaker. She is described by her clients as the “Emotional Fitness Trainer” because she guides people to and through releasing harmful habits and clearing up their internal criticisms in order for them to repair spirits, homes, emotions and dysfunctional relationships. Her mission is to coach us all to abandon the ordinary in order to live an extraordinary life.

La Shell's takes a no-filter approach to helping us create a life that feels as good as it looks. She does that through her Abandon Ordinary Podcast and her vision board masterclass Nothing Is In Your Way.  Her highly sought after and emotionally empowering workshops have made Wooten a live and virtual wellness retreat must-have enhancing lives from Grenada to New Orleans, Arizona to Kenya and many places in between. National, historic and government institutions have contracted La Shell to share her magic with administrators, parents, youth, rising leaders and more.

Although this native New Yorker and mother of two college students is licensed and clinically trained in human behavior, it is her engaging personality and appetizing delivery of invaluable information that makes this wellness veteran and expert life coach a joy to work with. Her clients do attest that her work endures in their lives and the consensus is, “Catch her where you can, as often as you can”. 

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