Nikki Unbossed

An accomplished business strategist with over 20 years' experience in sales, services, partnership development, marketing and GTM execution. She has spent her career creating and coaching to develop opportunities for businesses to grow delivering most commonly against portfolio revenue targets of 40 million plus.


Her keen business savvy, vast network and understanding of marketplace trends has made her an expert in identifying partnerships, packaging opportunities, and helping clients build a roadmap towards success. She excels in helping to bring new business ideas and extraordinary expertise and skills to market. This includes various industry and sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and entertainment personalities. Her now focus and commitment is dedicated to bringing this knowledge and track record of success to women-led businesses.


Sincerely passionate about commitment. She will never let you fall. Focused on how she can achieve success she does it all while maintaining a lens of how she can help others achieve the same. Her mantra, “Live with Intention, Act Deliberately, Lead on Purpose'. A challenge she poses to herself daily, actively creating a blueprint to achieving success based on her own definition of success and arriving on her own terms!


Nikki says:

 “Create a space where your options are only limited by your own desire and interest to pursue them!​” 


She established High Heel Media LLC to leverage her skills and experience in corporate america to help strategically coach and advise women focused businesses to reach, cater, respect and represent the influence of the female perspective.  She also founded Female Footprints to mark the presence of female excellence. This is where Nikki invites you, a female fenom, to literally take the stage. Come from behind the curtain, exclaim your AWESOMENESS, choose yourself instead of waiting to be chosen. She Struts! 


Nikki is a wife of 25 years and counting and a mother to a beautiful college-age daughter. She brings all the same commitment, determination, and beliefs that she holds dear for her family to those she touches and is unwavering. 


Nikki’s unique value proposition:

She’s the bottomline! 

She drives action! She drives thoughts into action!!

She’s the platform to raise our heels to voice and claim our presence.

Heels up!!

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