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Chondra Profit Ardrey

"The Maven"

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La Shell


"The Truth & The Light"




"The Visionary"

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"Your Best Friend"


James Goodwin

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Nikki Unbossed

"The Bottom Line"

The debut of The Ladies First Chit-Chat Crew Show was Saturday, March 28th, 2020. The show was originally planned for one weekend. The creator Nikki Kimbrough wanted to bring women together to support one another in the midst of the world shutting down during the global pandemic.


She knew that it was time for herself and all women to use this time of stillness to "Put yourself first," says Nikki. "And discover how that looks for you. I knew if I was feeling this way that there were other women feeling the same."


What began as a Saturday of love and support has turned into a "Sisterhood" of women who gather from all over the world on Saturdays at 11 AM EST.  We make room for women to evaluate where they stand and inspire them to take action.


"I love The Ladies First Chit-Chat Crew. The ladies are like your friends who care and understand; get real and make you laugh. They genuinely want to see you win. It's a sisterhood."   

--- LFCCC Viewer


"Listening to all of you wise and wonderful Ladies is more exhilarating than a glass of fine bubbly.  When your show is on, I do NOT go into the kitchen for more coffee, I do NOT get up from the chair to see about something else in the house. I am happily glued to my sofa for the entire program."   

--- LFCCC Viewer

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"You see, I don't listen to or watch talk shows. I become impatient. But your show is different:  Everyone is deep and articulate; intelligent and educated; wise and productive.  You have a sense of humor, and a sense of perspective.  So it is indeed a positive, uplifting experience each Saturday morning."   

--- LFCCC Viewer


Actions Viewers Take After Watching The Show

Putting yourself first in the midst of it all.  

Speaking what you want and desire.

Saying yes to the things that align with your purpose.

Discovering your passion

and purpose.

Being unapologetically
great at everything
you do.

Executing your visions

and dreams at any age.​

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"...a journey of self-discovery;

It’s soul work."  

--- LFCCC Viewer


"...feels like therapy! 

It feels like church!"  

--- LFCCC Viewer

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"feels Like clarity."

--- LFCCC Viewer


"...lunch with your best friends."

 --- LFCCC Viewer


"...accountability partners."

 --- LFCCC Viewer

"...women uplifting and empowering you to be unapologetically great"

--- LFCCC Viewer

90's look _edited.jpg

"...women creating

space to flow and

feel good about


--- LFCCC Viewer

The Ladies First Chit-Chat
Crew Feels Like...


Creator & Executive Producer: Nikki Kimbrough

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